Taking Taekwondo to the Next Level in the Pacific Northwest.

Master Joe Whitworth is dedicated to training the athletes of NWBBA Competition Team.   NWBBA Competition Team is a young team, we are only 4 years old, but we are becoming a successful team! 

The Team began in 2013, with Master Joe Whitworth leading the charge.  There were just 5 athletes on the team at that time.  The team began competing at local tournaments around the Puget Sound area.  

But fast forward five years, we have an athlete who is ranked number 2 in the world as a Junior, three national team members, many national medal winners and a strong development team that will be very competitive this year as well.  We are now more than 20 strong.  As we continue to grow in number, in strength and in skill, we continue to develop and refine our training strategies.  Our athletes have also matured and improved during this time.  The team has travelled across the country for national events. Members of our team have also had the privilege of traveling internationally for training and competition.  

 The last five years has shown us what can be accomplished with a committed coach, dedicated athletes and involved parents.  We are all ready to take the next step and looking for those who want to join us and support us as we continue our journey.  


PNW TKD Championship Final-9123-2.jpg


NWBBA is Born to Compete

NWBAA Competition team was born out of Master Joe Whitworth's love for the sport of taekwondo, competition and helping athletes find and realize their potential.  Our team started as a tiny local team, competing in local tournaments.  

Master Joe is dedicated to the development as an athlete and the achievement of their goals, as a student, as a leader and as a contributing member to our team and ultimately to their communities.  Master Joe focuses on all aspects of preparation with his athletes to include; physical, mental, strategic, and nutritional guidance.  

Master Joe is is diligently working with all athletes to ensure that they reach the goals that they have set before them.  


Eric Thomas

"When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful."


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