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Get to know our talented NWBBA Competition Team team, and come to the next tournament to cheer them on! We are made up of a group of talented, dedicated and winning players who always put their best foot forward on the mats, whether it is for practice or competition. Make sure you don’t miss our next tournament by checking out our calendar. If you’re interested in trying out and think you could be a part of our team, take some time and talk to one of them and then go and speak with Master Joe!

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Our talented team is going all out. Watch them make history!






Master Joe has instilled in me that "It's not about the result, but the process.  How you came to be."  Taekwondo is not just a sport but it truly is a way of life. The last 13 years of Taekwondo has changed my outlook on my life and how I approach challenges.  It has helped me determine who I decide to associate with throughout life.  I continue in this sport because of my love for it and more importantly I have goals that I would like to accomplish.  With each passing day I am becoming more respectful, self disciplined and mentally tough because of the sport I love.  When my younger teammates think about me I want them to know me as the athlete that never gave up, as the athlete that taught them about perseverance.




A wise person once said "Do not think about the result, but always things in between; Process.   That'll get you the result". Canadian Olympic coach Master Shin Wook Lim shared that advice with us and it is something that I will always carry with me.  I have come a long way in the last ten years and I am so proud of how far I have come through all of the training, the blood, sweat and tears at times, my coaches and teammates have shaped me and who I am as an athlete.  The sport has given me so much more, because it has taught me respect and given me discipline.  With all that the sport has given to me I always want to give back to my younger teammates as I am a role model for many of them and I want them to strive to work as hard as I do, knowing that they too can reach their goals dreams. This year winning bronze was a tribute to all of the hard work that I have put in over the years.


The last 12 years of my life I have spent in the dojang with my family.  The last 4 years I have focused my time energy and effort into sparring.  The sport of Taekwondo has changed my life in that it has given me confidence and it has provided me an opportunity to make goals and work diligently toward them.  Some people may ask why I stay in this sport, I have wanted to quit so many times but I never have. Even though it is hard, I love it because it challenges me, and I am a better person. I have more perseverance and discipline.  Ivett Gonda is one of the athletes that I look to as a role model in this sport. I am the same style fighter as her and I want to be able to move like her when I am competing.   I have also met her and know her story about how she got to the Olympics and it is really inspiring. She is a really great fighter and person.  There are so many things to be grateful for because of Taekwondo.  I am grateful for my dad because he pushes me to keep going and he is constantly showing me how good I can become.  I am also very grateful for my teammates because they are like my family and I can talk to them about anything.  Taekwondo changes us all in amazing ways, even when we are not expecting it!


Lee Dae Hoon is a fantastic role model for me.  I appreciate his fighting style as he is efficient, smart and most importantly works in the modern era of taekwondo sparring.  From the time I was 5 years old one of the keys to success has been to remember to never give up and keep on fighting.  This mentality has served me well even when things have been challenging. My greatest accomplishment thus far is that I have achieved the rank of 2nd in the world for the Junior Division at 48kg as of September 2017 and also winning back to back major tournaments in Pan Am and Costa Rica at two different divisions.  I am most grateful for being with my current taekwondo team and being fully supported by my parents, coach and teammates.  As I continue on my path, my goal is to be Taekwondo Olympian and I will continue to work with diligence to accomplish this goal.


The past 11 years of my life has been spent in dojang, learning and getting stronger.  The last 4 years I have spent on the competition team.  Most recently, I joined the USAT National team after winning Nationals.   Taekwondo has been a big part of my life as well as my family's life.


Taekwondo has been a part of my life in some form or fashion for the past 10 years. I started my journey in an after school program, but moved to a dojang in my community.  For the past 4 years I have been a member of the NWBBA system.    When I look to role models in this sport I look to Jade Jones and Lauren Williams because they are agressive and strategic fighters who have accomplished much in their careers.  Many can point to a specific loss that was particularly painful, but my most painful loss has been the time spent with injuries.  Taekwondo has given me direction and focus, it has taught me to set goals that will push me to be a better athlete and person.   I am looking forward to what this year holds for me!


Family support is so important in any sport, but especially Taekwondo.  My family, especially my dad, has always shown me unwavering support and I am so fortunate that my grandfather is still able to watch me compete.  Taekwondo has taught me to to always give 100% to everything I do and knowing this I know that my hard work will pay off.  One day, when I hang up my taekwondo shoes and head to medical school, I want to be remembered as a player that was good at the sport, always did my best and was hard working to the very last minute of my time on the mats.


Just over 2 years ago I decided to take my taekwondo, in a new direction and I joined the competition team.  In those short years the sport has made me much more active and increased my fitness.  My parents would share that I have become much more respectful and disciplined as a result of my time training in this sport.  I am influenced by Lee Dae-Hoon as I appreciate how aggressive he is and he looks to follow up with the intent of scoring with a head shot.  Being surrounded by good coaches is such a fantastic experience for young athletes.  Both Master Joe and Coach Brandon have shared with me "to always be coachable because you are almost guaranteed to win when you do."


I have spent more than half of my young life on the mats at my Taekwondo school.  Earning my black belt and taking 3rd at USAT Nationals all in one year was one of the highlights of my Taekwondo career thus far. These achievements have fueled my desire to continue to improve and as my coach always has said, "Always try hard no matter what."  When I look into my future it is the attitude of perseverance that will ensure that I become a computer coder and an inventor, so that I can be sure to take care of my parents when I am older.


Sports teach us so many life lessons and Taekwondo is no different.  Equality and kindness are two characteristics that I have developed throughout my journey in my sport.  Each day I come to practice I am surrounded by amazing teammates that push me and encourage me to improve.  Master Joe has given me advice that I try to remember in and out of the ring, "Everyone put's their pants on one leg at a time."  My goal this year is to diligently focus on my training so that I put myself in the best position possible to win Nationals again.


If you were to ask my family and friends they would tell you that I am smart, funny, sensitive and most importantly driven.  It is my driven nature that pushes me to get better every day.  I am so grateful for all of my team members as they encourage me, coach me and cheer for me at tournaments.  Fours years in taekwondo and I am learning what it means to be humble and most importantly as Master Joe has told me to use those things that come naturally to me to my advantage.


Confident and disciplined is how my family would describe me since starting Taekwondo.  Being a part of taekwondo has changed my life so much already and I know that there is more to come.  I look to my team mates as role models; Bilal, Sung Ho and Isaak have modeled a good work ethic on and off the mats.  I am starting my second year of competition and looking forward to what the year holds.  I believe that the things that I learn and characteristics that I am developing will one day allow me to achieve my goal of attending Harvard.


Mental and physical strength are qualities that Taekwondo has instilled in me over the last six years.  Master Joe has taught me that "Failure teaches you more than winning" and this year mirrored his words exactly, until I won gold at Nationals, my very first Nationals.  When I look back over the last six years I know that the respect, discipline, determination and integrity that I have incorporated into my life as an athlete will be carried into my life as an adult and a professional.


Taekwondo is a sport that teaches you many things along the way in life and I know that all of these things will benefit me in the future.  I am new to competition this year and am looking forward all that competition has to bring.  Master Joe has already shared with me an important key to being successful in this sport and it is to not focus on winning but instead to focus on doing my best.  I believe that this sport is making me strong mentally and physically and definitely more disciplined.  As I continue to learn the importance of responsibility and being a team player I look forward to my future in the sport.  I am incredibly grateful that my parents take the time to take me to Taekwondo, Master Joe for teaching me and my teammates for being such good role models.  I know that all of these things that I am doing today will be beneficial to me when I become a Marine when I grow up.


My friends know me as silly, creative, very friendly and without a doubt an animal lover. Over, the past 3 years, my journey in Taekwondo has made me stronger, physically and mentally.  In the past 3 years, Miss Jadae, one of my coaches has been one of the people that has been so influential in my time on the team.  She is very confident and always helpful, which helps me to have confidence in myself, when she asks me to try something new.  Taekwondo has taught me the importance of learning from our failures or during those times that we suffer defeat in the ring.  This year my goal is to focus on being more aggressive during competition and even during practice.  I hope that this mindset will help me achieve my goal of being a marine biologist.


I might be little, but I am mighty.  Taekwondo has helped in so many ways, it has helped me build my self confidence, helped me be less fearful when I have a match, and been helpful with my exercise induced asthma.  I am proud of the fact that this sport has helped me to become much more focused in many aspects of my life, just ask my mom.  I am very fortunate and am thankful for all of my teammates.  I am especially thankful for Ellie Bezanson because she is my role model, I like how she fights and she is super funny too!  As I continue to grow in this sport I want to be known as a hard working person that is always positive!!!